Can I see more pics of you?  

There are lots and lots of photos on this site (too many probably!), but if you want to see more then check out my Twitter account. I post selfies and posts there multiple times a week, so you can get an insight into my everyday life and look. 

Do you do extras? What services do you provide?  

There are lots of different things that I enjoy in the bedroom. For a list of some of the things on offer, see my touring profile on Scarlet Blue, note that some of these services may involve an extra charge. If there's something in particular you'd like to experience, just ask.


Do you do foot fetish? Can I see some pics of your feet? 

The answer to both of these questions is an enthusiastic yes! I absolutely love my feet being touched / massaged / kissed, it drives me wild! There are lots of pics of my feet on Twitter, with the hashtag #BilliesFeet. 

Will you come to my apartment / house?  

I do visit private residences if we've already met and/or with additional screening information. If I am visiting you, it's essential that you're the only person on the premises. 

What's your deposit policy?  

I require a minimum $100 deposit for all bookings, which can be sent in a number of discreet ways. This deposit is fully transferrable with at least 24 hours' notice of cancellation (minus any costs I've incurred, eg for travel or accomodation). With enough notice, your deposit may be refunded (minus any costs). In the unlikely event that I have to cancel, your deposit is completely refundable or transferrable. Having said that, I haven't cancelled a booking yet!

Can we chat on the phone?  

While initial contact must be via text (due to my busy life), if you'd like to talk on the phone before we meet, just let me know and we can organise a time to do that. I understand you might be nervous, and a quick chat can be a great way to break the ice before we meet. If you're into phone sex, then I'd love to hear from you! Check out my other services page for more details. 


If your question isn't here, then send me an email or you can even ask me a question on 

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